Accident Insurance helps you handle the medical and out-of-pocket costs that add up after an accidental injury. This includes emergency treatment, hospital stays and medical exams, and other expenses you may face, such as transportation and lodging needs.

Accidents happen to all of us. And, whether it's a broken bone, a sprain, a car accident, or an allergic reaction to a bee sting, meeting the costs (co-pays and deductibles on your major medical health insurance) for treatment and recovery after an injury can be challenging. An affordable accident insurance policy can help you pay for the expenses that are not fully covered by your major medical health insurance.

For example, if you break your arm, most accident policies will pay you a set amount, $1,000 in many cases. These funds can help you pay any out of pocket expenses you might incur (emergency room co-pays, x-rays, etc.).

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