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If you purchased your plan via or Kentucky Kynect, please be advised of your 90-day grace period ... It is incredibly important, if you have been late on your payment in the past (paid after the 1st of the month), that you get caught up and make sure payments are credited and received by the insurance company on or before the last day of the month prior to the due date. For example, if the bill is due August 1, your payment should arrive and be credited by July 31. Essentially, if you have been late and keep paying late, without paying on time in full before the due date, you never leave the grace period, and on the 90th day ...
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Here are a few examples of how Advanced Premium Tax Credits (subsidies) work ...   Example 1: Single individual, 45040 zip code, 60 years old, self-employed, gross income is $60,000 but after write offs and expenses, Adjusted Gross Income (line 37 of tax return) was $32,000. Based on Adjusted Gross Income income of $32,000, this individual would qualify for an advanced tax credit of $269.76 per month. So a Silver Level Humana plan that costs $459.11 would end up running this individual $189.35 a month after applying the advanced premium tax credit.   Example 2: Family of four, 45238 zip code, 38-year old, 35-year old, 4-year ol...
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There are only 12 days left to buy pre-Obamacare health insurance plans!!   What does this mean?   If you are healthy and buy insurance on your own, you might qualify for cheaper rates in 2013 compared to buying 2014 plans. As an independent health insurance agent on the front lines of health care reform, I can help you shop to see if you might benefit from starting a plan with a 12/31/13 effective date. You could save money all of next year. It's a great time to look at your options. But hurry, we only have until 12/30/13 to apply!!   Get a quote online now, email me, or call me at 800-750-6530 to discuss your opt...
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With all of the news, delays, and hype on Obamacare, what does that mean to you? You need health insurance, you want to keep you or your family covered, right?   I recommend locking in your plan now and that might mean switching your coverage.   One of my health insurance carriers offers a lock in until 12/31/14. So you plan and price is locked until the end of next year. You can avoid all of the mess with Obamacare until 2015 and probably save some money without sacrificing coverage!   This option makes sense if you don't qualify for a subsidy and you are healthy.   Get a quote now, email me, or call me at...
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