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2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Period Checklist

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2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Period Checklist


#1 – Good News! Your Medigap (Medicare Supplement) Policy is NOT changing The Annual Election Period that runs from October 15 – December 7 each year does NOT affect your Medigap policy (Medicare Supplement) benefits. Your Medigap benefits are not changing so unless you want to shop for lower premiums, you do not need to make any changes to Medigap.



By Jeff Janosick

Medicare Health Insurance Agent

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#2 – Part D Drug plans & Medicare Advantage plans DO change These plans have to renew their contracts with Medicare each year. When they refile the plan, they can change your premiums, copays, networks, and drug formularies, so the Annual Election Period exists to allow you time to consider if you will keep your current plan, or change to a new plan.


#1 – Review your Annual Notice of Change letter Your plan sent you a packet in September called the Annual Notice of Change. Review the changes to your plan for next year, and decide if you want to shop around for better benefits or premiums. If not, then there is no need to do anything. Your current plan will automatically renew Jan. 1.

#2 – Make a list of medications I can provide a form to my clients where they can properly list the medications so I can do the Part D analysis for you. I do all the work! But don’t worry… if you are not my client, you can do this analysis yourself at Medicare’s website – Watch their video about how to use the Drug finder Tool. You can also call 1-800-MEDICARE for free assistance in selecting a plan.

#3 – If you are changing a Medicare Advantage Plan, verify your doctors  Medicare Advantage plans have networks and you’ll want to find out if your doctors participate in the plan you are considering. You’ll be locked in after January 1st, so verifying this now is very important. Each plan has a directory of network providers that you can search, and you may also want to call your doctor’s office to confirm.

#4 – Request an application & apply by Dec. 7 Once you find a new plan and decide to change, your agent can provide you the necessary applications and track the application through the underwriting process until it’s approved.

#5 – Present your new ID Cards to your pharmacy Your new insurance company will mail you a welcome kit and your ID cards. Make sure your pharmacy gets a copy. In most cases, your new plan will automatically replace your existing one, but check with your agent to be sure that your old plan has been cancelled.

#6 – Mark your calendar for next October When it all happens again!

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